Keeping Your Home Secure: Doors And Windows 101

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November 18, 2016
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Keeping Your Home Secure: Doors And Windows 101

A grand entrance way leading up to an ornate dark wood door with green trees.

You’ve heard of energy efficiency. It’s a common topic explored by new and existing homeowners who are looking to save money with proper door and window installation. But what most forget is the importance of security and safety. A safe and secure door and window will save you more than an electric bill.

Most burglars enter through the front, side, or back entrances. As many as 34% use the front door. Having a solid door is the first step to preventing intrusions. Keeping all entry points locked and maintained can keep you and your belongings out of danger. Consider replacing weak doors and insecure windows with these quality alternatives:

*The particular model, additional options, and hardware used will affect price and security. Ask a professional which door or window best suits you.

A Quick Glance at Metal, Wood, Fiberglass, and Vinyl


Well crafted fiberglass doors offer strength and sturdiness and match in beauty and design. Fiberglass-composite doors won’t rust or scratch like steel and can be made to look and feel like real wood without the warping or rotting. These doors can add significant curb appeal to your home and require little maintenance. Dent resistant, weather resistant, and powerfully built, your home’s security can greatly benefit.

Similarly, fiberglass windows are credited as being strong, maintenance-free, and energy efficient. They won’t stretch or crack under the influence of weather conditions. Finally, fiberglass can be painted; That means you won’t have to worry about clashing when you replace the siding on your house.

Fiberglass even protects from drafts and leaks, making these doors and windows an excellent addition for the cold, winter months.


Solid aluminum or steel doors combined with their corresponding frame offer unmistakable strength. Weather resistant and tough, steel and aluminum doors compare to the security assured by high quality fiberglass doors. Unlike fiberglass, the two won’t crack with severe impact. However, steel is prone to dents and can rust if scratches aren’t cared for. 

Aluminum/Steel won’t demand frequent maintenance or costs. The materials have an impressively long life if cared for. More advantages include narrow sight lines for windows so you can take full advantage of the view. Aluminum or steel windows are a stylish pick for any old-fashioned or modern home.


Solid and elegant, a wood door with a durable core makes a heavy statement. Like other materials, a wood door by itself may not withstand forced entry, so it’s crucial to reinforce. Although a real wooden door or window is the most attractive, nothing is more appealing than a secure home.  

Having wood doors or windows assure beauty. Wood is highly customizable to best reflect your aesthetics – even more than fiberglass. But frequent maintenance like painting and staining is to be expected to preserve its appeal and protect it from weather conditions.

WoodAluminum Clad

Doors and windows clad with aluminum will add strength and durability. Their ability to endure the elements make these weatherproof and low maintenance. A great alternative to wood windows as their interior provides the look and warmth of real wood yet the aluminum assures durability and limited upkeep.


Vinyl doors are not typically used for the front entrance but instead as patio doors – nonetheless it’s necessary to know their value. A vinyl door is a cost-effective way to save energy. It also won’t peel, rot, or corrode like other materials. Cracks may occur in low-cost models with significant temperature shifts.

Often a first thought for those seeking the most affordable option, vinyl windows at base price are a low cost, energy efficient selection. Maintenance is occasional and easy. Installation too is quick and simple. Though its durability varies in accordance to its manufacturer, some vinyl window types are solid in strength. Customization is limited to fewer colors and options than that of fiberglass or wood. Once a color is chosen, the window cannot be painted or stained – what you see is what you get.


With all building materials, it’s important to weigh your own needs and that of your home. Discuss them with an expert to find exactly what’s best for you.

Of course no door or window alone can perfectly secure your home. Your entries are only as secure as their frames. Additionally, it’s in your best interest to install proper locks. Think about including security cameras to your home and be aware of any overgrown trees or shrubs that could potentially be a place for thieves to hide. 

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