Spring Forward with Home Renovations

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Spring is upon us! Does your home need a makeover?

This season tends to be the perfect time for revamping yourself and your home. Maybe you started off this year with a ton of resolutions that you promised you’d stick with! Although some may have fallen through the cracks, we’re here to help you stay on track with your home renovation goals.

With the home improvement product market valuing itself at $313 billion, it’s no surprise what many of us plan to do this year.

Take a look at some improvements you could make to your home.

Let’s add some flair to your windows.

Switching up the style of a room in your home can be a breath of fresh air! Not to mention, you don’t necessarily need to hire a team of designers to do it. Windows are simple to redecorate and can add to the ambiance of a room. Here are some different ways to switch up the look of your windows based on the type you have in your home.


  • Bay or bow: These window types tend to be accompanied by extra ceiling space. Instead of focusing on your curtains, take advantage of that space above by installing a chandelier or light fixture that complements the style you’re reaching for. You could also create a nook for relaxing, reading or even dining. Decorate it with pillows that will flatter the look of the room.
  • Double hung and awning: Consider switching up the curtains or shades. These windows tend to be attractive without having to go overboard. Go for a sheer fabric if you’d prefer to let more sun in and wake to natural light. Try the blackout curtains for the option of absolutely no sun shining in bedrooms or home-theatres.
  • Slider and casement: Homeowners tend to stick with vertical blinds for these types of windows. Instead, try experimenting with horizontal ones. It adds a unique touch without being drastic.

Let’s transform your mood just by walking onto your deck.

Just because your deck is outside your home doesn’t mean it can’t act as a focal point for your family and friends. In fact, in many cases, it’s the prime hang-out spot. Ask any interior designer and they’ll tell you that a deck simply acts as another room in your home, and should be decorated to reflect that. Here are some ways to utilize the space to fit your needs and style.trex_deck_furniture

  • Add shade. Put up a canopy to match your color palette or open a bright umbrella for a more fun vibe.
  • Eliminate clutter. You don’t want your kitchen table filled with junk. Have the same mindset with your deck. Choose only your favorite pieces to decorate with and toss the rest. Less really is more.
  • Keep company in mind. If you’re constantly hosting the family parties, you might want to make sure that your furniture and deck space are equipped for that. Instead of a two-seater loveseat, consider an outdoor sectional set. Your friends and family will thank you.

Let’s make some big(ger) changes.

It may not be January anymore. On the bright side, you’ve had even more time to consider the updates you want to make. We’ve got some ideas for you and your home. Saving up for home renovations and remodeling is exciting. If you’re ready to get the ball rolling and want to make some more permanent updates, here are some enhancements to consider:

  • Make your deck fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re unwinding on Friday with a glass of wine and your favorite book or you’re entertaining family and friends with a BBQ, a deck can set the scene.
  • Remodeling a room may be for you. Completely gutting a room to remodel it takes an expert but can make your entire vision possible. Whether you prefer more open space or a cozier feel, this could be a great option for you.
  • A new home addition might be the way to go. If you need more room for your lifestyle lately or want to add on a sunroom for those rainy afternoons, this is something to consider.

QUICK TIP: Now would be a great time to create a checklist to prepare for your additions and sunrooms. You shouldn’t just jump into adding onto your home. You’ll want to have your ideas in order first. Here’s an infographic we’ve created for you to start with!


Now it’s time to get started.

Changing up the look and feel of your home can start this Spring off right. Let TH Remodeling help your vision become a reality!


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