Why Reading Matters: Home Edition

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February 14, 2017
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Why Reading Matters: Home Edition

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TH Remodeling is talking about more than improving your home. We’re talking about improving yourself.

Though we typically discuss home matters, we’re also speaking about why reading matters.

Fact is, we can write a book about home remodeling and renovations but 42% of college graduates will never read it. Just over half of graduates have picked up a book since throwing their caps in the air, according to America’s reading statistics.

Sure, roof shingles and home additions aren’t everyone’s first concern. Maybe quality, efficient windows and doors aren’t even a second thought. However, it is concerning that 26% of U.S. adults didn’t read a single book in the last year. That’s 12 months (365 days or 8,760 hours) of opportunity, wasted. 

The good news is statistics still indicate that most adults with a bachelors degree or higher are reading. These same college educated adults are those most likely to be homeowners


Why Do We Read?

Besides the obvious wealth of knowledge a book can provide, people are reading for pleasure, work or school, to follow an interest, and keep up with current events


The Benefits of Reading

Be A Better Communicator

Reading fiction can boost empathy. Fictional stories are believed to improve a reader’s potential to relate to another person, or understand as if being in their shoes. From a business standpoint and a social one, that’s a valuable characteristic to have. If you’re still looking for a reason to blame your ex-girlfriend for your break up, it’s possible she was part of the 45% of women who read non-fiction.

Reading can help expand your lexicon (noun: your vocabulary; the words you use every day; the words you can use to impress your boss, your mom, and yourself).

Mental Health

Reading reduces stress. It distracts you from the stress of work related or personal issues.  The next time you have an off day at work, ease the stress by reading a good book.

Improve your imagination by reading. A description of a person or place will force you to come up with your own representation. Consequently, it makes the story unique to you, as no other person will have the same exact image.

“Books have been thought of as windows to another world of imagination.” -unknown

Build a stronger memory.

When you’re reading, you’re exercising your mind. All that activity keeps your memory sharp. Every character and every plot requires you to remember something new. It’s said that new memories make new brain synapses; the things that help short-term memory recall. Did you remember to feed the dog before you left home this morning?

Start (or keep) Reading

Books offer timeless information. Learn something entirely new or learn it from another perspective. Take a mental vacation or give your brain a workout. Whatever reason you choose to read, know you’re making a good decision.

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