Create the Outdoor Space of Your Dreams

At TH Remodeling & Renovations, we know how important outdoor living space is to you. Building the perfect deck for you is our top priority. From colors and stains to railings and materials, TH Remodeling will work with you to create the perfect outdoor haven, refuge, retreat. Let your imagination run wild as you share with us your dream deck.

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Composite Decks


Trex Decking offers a wide range of colors and styles in flooring and railing systems.

Trex Transcend is the top of the line and comes in a wide variety of colors and is a thicker board. Transcend Rails also come in several styles and colors from white to black.

Trex Select offers a very similar product feel. It has fewer floor color options  and one color option for rails. This line appeals to the more price conscious shopper.

Regardless of your choice, Trex Decking products all come with the best warranties in the composite market. We offer several patterns from which to choose.  We also offer and recommend using hidden fastener attachments, in place of the screws to achieve a more uniform, aesthetic pleasing look.

A word of caution: Beware of using P.V.C. deck boards and products similar to them. Tanning lotions, bug sprays, and rubber items – such as garden hoses and rubber mats used to protect the flooring under the BBQ grill – a.k.a. ALL THE ITEMS PEOPLE USE ON DECKS, will stain these surfaces.

Wood Decks


Wood Decks are also a great choice for a more traditional look. There are a a lot of  Wood Species from which to choose. For example, Pressure Treated Lumber ,Cedar, Mahogany, IPE to name a few.  Price range depends on the species of wood as well as the size and design of the deck.  Pressure Treated Decks are the most affordable Decks offered. The amount of maintenance required for Wood Decks depends upon what species of wood you choose.  a Wood Decks are the most customized of all Decks. You can truly carve out and shape just about every detail to your liking. Rails and wood floors can be designed with just about any pattern you can image; so get creative!  The beauty of wood decks is you never have to worry about the product being discontinued. It’s a renewable resource that abounds all around us!


Deck Lighting


For the few brave enough to challenge the mosquitoes of the night with the addition of Deck Lighting, you will find it’s well worth it. Deck Lighting comes in so many options. You can choose from lighting in your post caps, to lighting your floor as well as your steps. The light systems we offer come with the option to add additional lighting later as well as the ability to set up timers, dimmers, and photo cells that turn on the lights automatically when it gets dark. You can truly be the envy of all your neighbors. Word to the wise: Prior to adding lights, become informed about what is allowed in your neighborhood; especially if there are bi-laws to which you must adhere.


Planning and Budgeting for your Deck


When figuring out the difference in cost, ask yourself what makes sense for you within your budget. A Wood Deck made of all pressure treated lumber  usually costs less as compared to the almighty Trex Transcend Deck option.  Purchasing a Deck made of Exotic Hardwood can actually cost more than even the best Composite Decks. Shapes, designs, floor patterns, heights off-ground level, as well as size, are considerations that play a big part in Deck costs.  A good starting point would be to interview a few Reputable Deck Builders whom you feel you can trust to reveal your budget. This can eliminate a lot of heartache. They can put together realistic specs that will fall within your budget. We actually prefer drawings before we come out to quote a project. We do offer Deck Designing services in-house to our existing clients. When you reveal your budget to prospective builders, you can get a real sense of who is giving you the most for your hard-earned money. Unfortunately, the one thing you cannot put a dollar amount on, is the difference in a “Quality Craftsman Deck Builder” verses a builder who says: “I think I can build this deck.” The sad truth is that most of the decks I have seen, were a waste of good lumber. Too often beautiful trees are being turned into terrible decks. A deck should be a “work of art; built by an artist”! The materials on a deck can be very pricey, but paying the wrong contractor to build it, will cost even more if you have to rebuild it or worse yet, keep it for all to see. Whether you build a 1,000 square foot deck or a 100 square foot deck; do it right. Decks can always be added on to later. Invest wisely. The better the quality of Deck materials you use, the less time you need to spend maintaining it.


Cleaning and Maintaining your Deck


What you save up front, you may spend, and far more, after you consider the many, many hours you will spend in the sun cleaning, sanding, staining, painting, sealing and whatever you fancy; instead of the many, many hours you should spend enjoying your deck. The decision of which materials are right, really depends on the type of individual and their expectations. Some love DIY activities while others do not. It’s important to figure out who you are, before making this decision. A quick side note; all decks need to be cleaned. How often determines on how often you use it and the elements to which the deck is exposed. I suggest treating your deck floor with the same respect you would treat the floor in your home. Foot traffic and air traffic (flying birds) can leave some nasty stuff behind for those who like to lay on their deck – especially little children.  A simple, light organic detergent will do, paired with a soft bristle brush and a bucket. Composite decks usually have grooves in the boards which allow pollen and dander to collect which makes a perfect situation for mildew to form. Staying on top of the maintenance of your deck is easy and quick. Yearly inspections of the rails and underside structure is very important. All deck structures are made of lumber which has bolts, nuts, and screws that will need adjusting. Loose rails are very dangerous and need to be corrected immediately. Set up a maintenance program with your deck builder and take notes while they are there.  You can learn to spot the critical areas and will usually be able to make easy fixes to maintain your investment.


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