Replacing commercial windows is a great way to lower your energy costs, whether that means avoiding heating and cooling leaks or being able to easily open windows on a nice day for better ventilation. TH Remodeling can meet all of your needs and exceed your expectations for commercial window replacement and other renovations.


Worn out windows aren’t just eyesores. They can create a dingy impression of your business and even be a safety hazard if they no longer open properly. TH Remodeling will work with you, providing a free estimate, carefully measuring the window spaces and providing expert advice so you have the right type of window with the perfect style and opening for your building.


Whether you have a retail space, office building or apartment building, selecting the right window for the right space is crucial. Large windows in a retail store look great and provide lots of display space but can cause energy loss, increasing your heating and cooling bills. Double or even triple paned windows with a layer of gas or air between the panes can reduce energy loss in large windows.


Commercial windows also benefit from coatings such as low-e coatings that maintain light and visibility while preventing solar heat from making the interior uncomfortable. For restaurants where customers may sit next to a window, reflective or shaded windows may be a better choice.


Good quality commercial windows have slightly thicker glass than that commonly used on homes so it can stand up to wear and tear, scratches, etc. For greater durability, shatter-resistant windows can be an additional security measure against vandals, burglars or accidents. In areas where hurricanes or high winds are common, extra impact resistance might be warranted to resist flying debris and branches. Such windows typically have three or more layers of glass, thereby also providing extra insulation as well.


Window framing also makes a difference. Aluminum frames typically have a hardwood core with metal cladding on the outside but leave the wood visible on the inside thereby providing the benefits of exterior durability and interior style. Solid vinyl windows are lightweight and low maintenance. Available in a range of colors, they don’t require painting.


When you’re ready for new commercial windows, call the renovation experts at TH Remodeling for a free estimate and outstanding service – 1-845-567-9743.