Introduction to Doors

A Good Quality Door is worth the investment. There are multiple options to consider when choosing your front entrance door. While style and comfort are important, security and ease of operation are paramount – especially during an emergency.  While I prefer to install doors made of Solid Wood, Cladded Wood or Fiberglass, I do work within the homeowner’s budget. I also install High Quality Steel and Vinyl Doors. It is important to point out; in addition to the quality of materials used, proper installation is key to the longevity of the door. I have been contacted by many homeowners to repair doors that were improperly installed by other builders shortly after they were installed. I often state: “The cheapest door, installed correctly; will last longer than the most expensive door installed incorrectly.”  Keep in mind, this does not justify the purchase of poorly built, cheap products.  In the United States, there are literally thousands of Steel Door and Vinyl Door Manufacturers constantly opening up, closing down, or selling out.  It is a very unstable market; however, there are a few manufacturers who got it right. The simple facts: Vinyl and Steel do not last as long. Vinyl products always move, which causes a break in the seals. Steel, while strong; will eventually rust out.  That being said; all of our Partnering Manufacturers warranty and stand behind their products.

The moral lessons for an honest, quality life were introduced to most of us at very young age through nursery rhymes and fairy tales. As an adult and father, I was reminded of the origins of these foundations as I read: “The Three Little Pigs” to my children, and was proud to be reminded that these values are incorporated into the foundation on which TH Renovations and Remodeling was built:  Safety first. Plan strategically. Use sustainable, quality materials.  A dedicated, honest work ethic produces outcomes that lasts for generations.

Front Entry Doors

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Your entry door makes a curb appeal statement as well as a clear message that your home is secured. Customize your Therma-Tru door to provide the style, security, and privacy you want for your home or business. Entry Door options are available in different types of Solid Wood Doors, Fiberglass Doors, and Steel Doors. Colors and Stains are available in almost every shade as well as hardware options. Doors are available in Solid Panels to Doors with glass all shapes and sizes with clear glass to very decorative glass options.

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Storm Doors

Storm Doors are now available from the most basic of doors to just keep the bugs out, to very secure doors that keep the bad guys out . . . while letting the fresh air in. Storm Doors are becoming very popular again. They come in different styles as well as colors.

Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Doors, French Doors, Bi-folding Doors, you name it; it’s out there. Marvin Window & Doors have some of the most amazing options available. Almost any height and width is available. There are several color and stain options available as well as hardware and glass options and styles. as Marvin’s products and that’s why they do not offer it. Marvin’s options are literally endless . . . you dream it up; it can be done. All Marvin products are custom ordered. While I feel they are the best products with the best support, the different product lines have very affordable options. Installing a Door that fails is not an affordable option. Marvin is unique in its hiring and retention process as well. Training is Mandatory to be hired and continued training is Mandatory to remain employed with the company. It is a privilege to be a partner with a company who maintains the highest of industry standards.