Window Installations

TH Remodeling believes in high quality installations of high quality products. That’s why we partner with top of the line residential window manufacturers to provide the most comprehensive range of superior window styles and options.

Whether you’re looking for double hung windows, casement, bay & bow windows, gliders, awning windows, or single hung windows, TH Remodeling are experts in residential window installation. Interested in something different? We can also install round top windows, specialty, hopper windows and tilt turn windows. No matter your design preference, TH Remodeling’s selection of residential windows has something that will fit perfectly.

When selecting residential windows, here are a few things to consider:



For affordable luxury and a modern style, vinyl windows are a great choice but have a smaller range of color options. Wood windows cost more, but add a timeless look that may enhance your home’s resale value.



Vinyl is popular because generally the only maintenance it needs is routine cleaning. Wooden windows require staining or painting every few years for best results.



Wooden windows are the most flexible when it comes to design because you can stain or paint them any color. When you change your interior design, you can strip and re-stain or paint them a different color. Vinyl windows tend to work well with more modern looks whereas wooden windows pair well with traditional stylings, though either can be used in any décor.


Shape and Function

Location and preference affect the type of window selected. For example, double hung and single hung windows are often hard to open over a sink because reaching them can be difficult, making casement windows that can be cranked open a better choice. Bay windows and bow windows make a room feel larger. Specialty windows, like a hexagon-shaped window can highlight a stairwell or hallway. TH Remodeling can work with you to select not just the right window provider but also the right style window for the room.

When you’re ready for new residential windows, call TH Remodeling 24/7 for a free estimate and outstanding service.



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