TH Remodeling is your source for residential roofing installation. Whether your roof is pitched or flat, our experts are well-versed in the best, most reliable roofing systems and can help you select the perfect roof for your needs.

I always tell clients that if they love the products we offer, which is what everyone is offering for good reasons, go online and see who’s warrantied to actually install it. It’s a very simple process which can save a lot of unnecessary headaches. The fact is everyone looks and sounds the same, and why wouldn’t we? We all want to install your roof. Hiring a pro is difficult and time consuming. To make life easy for you, in our first appointment we always provide proof of our License Certificates, Workers Compensation, and General Liability Insurance, all of which states “Roofing.” All are easily validated online by calling your local county licensing bureau. While this seems like a lot of unnecessary work, it’s not. There are other companies who are less experienced than us and are still allowed to perform such work so you need to protect yourself by asking for those documents.

I’m sharing this because whether your choice is us or not, it’s important to me to help you protect yourself and your investment. Too many people install products that fail due to lack of experience, leaving a homeowner without a warranty, without any money, and unable to afford to fix the solution. This happens far too often. While friends and “weekend warriors” seem to fit the budget, it usually is the most expensive mistake that you can make.

As a GAF Certified Master Elite® Roofing Contractor, we undergo regular training to maintain the highest quality standards. We’re proud to share this with you because only 3% of all roofing contractors qualify as a GAF Master Elite® contractors. You can be confident that TH Remodeling will deliver the highest quality service to all of our customers. It’s our goal to make sure this is the last roof you ever have to purchase for your home.

GAF Roofing

GAF Roofing Specialists

GAF has a variety of asphalt shingles in a wide range of styles, colors, and price options. GAF has high-end luxury shingles and specialty styles that resist wind, stains, UV damage, etc. The most popular style, the Timberline Architect Series, has multiple fused layers with fiberglass-mesh reinforcement for strength and durability. With GAF, even the “Good/Better/Best” options leave you with the “Best Product,” “Best Service,” and backed by the “Best Warranties” in the asphalt roofing industry. This, like any roof system, needs to be installed by a professional. I always tell clients that if they love GAF, go online and see who is actually warrantied to install it. This is a very simple process which can save a lot of unnecessary headaches. Click here for more information.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Systems

TH Remodeling is proud to offer several premier metal roofing profiles with options made of aluminum, steel, zinc, and copper. Metal roofing systems, when installed correctly using the proper application, are some of the longest lasting roof systems. When choosing a metal roof, there are several considerations to take into account.

1. Sound. For some homeowners, rain on a metal roof has a soothing resonance; others find the noise distracting. Sound can be muted by adding insulation panels between the roof deck and the roof itself. This will add to the value of the existing insulation, making your home an even more comfortable place.
2. Snow guards are highly recommended, especially around entrances and walkways. The existing gutters should be replaced with gutters designed and set at the right height to withstand the force of the snow when it slides off the roof. If they aren’t, you will be picking up your old gutters off the ground.
3. The right metals, such as aluminum or copper, better withstand harsh Northeastern weather while steel and zinc rust from the inside out due to humidity. While initially more expensive, the durability of aluminum and copper reduces repair costs, making them more cost effective in the long run.
4. Hidden fasteners are always recommended over living spaces instead of traditional face-screwed panels because the rubber grommets around the washer dry rot over time and need to be replaced. This can be an expensive and dangerous job.

Metal roof systems are a beautiful and durable option for those who have an appreciation and understanding of what to expect.

Slate Roofing

Slate Roofing Specialists

Modern slate roofing combines genuine slate with a high-tech waterproofing material that allows it to be installed on almost any roof.

Most homeowners have a hard time understanding why their slate roofs cannot be repaired. A common myth is that the slate, shingle, or shake is what keeps out the water. The truth is that the underlayment and the flashing around the roof are what actually keeps water out. Until recently, most roof underlayment was either 15 lb. or 30 lb. felt (tar paper). The number in front of the pound represents the number of years the product was expected to last before it began to deteriorate.

You may have noticed no matter how much rain falls, the water stays out, but add wind to the mix and you have a leak. This is because shingles, tiles, and shakes are designed to be water shedding, not water proof. Once the underlayment deteriorates, water starts to enter. Being a knowledgeable, proactive home/business owner is cost-saving as it will help you save money on roof repairs.

Slate roof systems, like metal, usually require snow guards for protection and gutters properly installed by someone who specializes in the product.

TH Remodeling is proud to offer natural and synthetic slate roofing systems to our clients. When your residential roofing needs to be replaced, TH Remodeling is the ideal choice for outstanding service. Give us a call or contact us for a free estimate.